Synthetic DL-Methionine replacer
Methionine is an essential nutrient for poultry. In addition, this amino acid provides methyl groups, which are needed for several metabolic reactions such as the synthesis of carnithine and creatine. Methionine is considered to be the first limiting amino acid in broilers fed practical corn-soybean meal diets. Adequate dietary level of this amino acid is needed to support optimum growth and carcass yield of fast-growing commercial broilers. ORBIT-METH is for various vital functions in body such as: protein synthesis, regulation of cell division, methyl donor, reduces reactive oxygen species etc. An important aspect of protein and methionine interrelationship is the ability of both to act as lipotropic agents. The production of lean carcasses has become especially important as producers are changing gradually from selling live birds to selling meat. ORBIT-METH acts as a lipotropic agent through its role as an amino acid in balancing protein or through its role as a methyl donor and involvement in choline, betaine, folic acid and vitamin B metabolism.

  • Natural analogue to replace synthetic methionine.
  • Economic & better perfomance.
  • It's activity remain unaltered during pelleting.
  • Supports optimum growth and carcass yield of fast-growing
    commercial broilers
Dosage and Usage:
1 kg of ORBIT-METH / ton of feed.

Presentation: 1 kg & 25 kg
Synthetic Choline Chloride & Biotin Replacer
ORBIT-CHOLINE is a methyl donor essential nutrient necessary for maintenance of cell structure, cell membrane integrity, normal maturation of bone and cartilage, transport of fat and acetylcholine synthesis. is a methyl donor essential nutrient necessary for maintenance of cell structure, cell membrane integrity, normal maturation of bone and cartilage, transport of fat and acetylcholine synthesis. Synthetic Choline chloride has several disadvantages like corrosive nature and high reactivity with vitamins & minerals. Biotin plays an important role in cell growth, amino acid metabolism, fat metabolism and gluconeogenesis.
Phytoconstituents used in this product mimic the bio-activity of Choline & Biotin, participates in various biochemical pathways and maintain homeostasis Benefits:
  • Mimic the activity of Choline & Biotin, thereby offers safer herbal alternative to synthetic
  • Improves fat Mobilization (especially hepatic fat) & fat catabolism, thus provides quick
  • Prevents various deficiency syndromes like “Perosis” & “Fatty Liver Syndrome”
  • Helps in phospholipid synthesis, necessary for mobilization of fat to ovary, thus
    improves egg production
  • Enhances growth, hatchability, livability, increased egg output & better F.C.R.

Dosage: Mixing ratio in feeds: 250 gram of ORBIT-CHOLINE can replace 1 kg of Synthetic Choline chloride (60%) & 150 mg of synthetic Biotin. Ensure proper mixing of Premix in feed for better results

Synthetic lysine replacer
Lysine and the sulfur amino acids (SAA), are known to exhibit specific effects on carcass composition. This accounts for the higher requirement when breast muscle (BM) yield is used as the basis for setting the lysine requirement as compared to weight gain. Lysine supplementation, at levels above the requirement for maximal growth rate, results in specific and significant effects on body composition. It is apparent that increasing ORBIT-LYSINE intake affects body composition by increasing BM yield and decreasing AF percentage. These effects, which can be added to a curvilinear effect on growth rate, induce a beneficial effect on FCR.

  • For optimum growth, feed conversion, protein and energy utilization in broilers, layer - chicks and growers.
  • For optimum carcass quality and to obtain maximum breast and thigh yield.
  • For higher egg production, bigger egg size and weight in layers and breeders.
  • For better performance of breeder birds.
  • To protect birds from stress related protein catabolism and allied symptoms e.g. edema, ascites etc.

Dosage and Usage: 1 kg of ORBIT-LYSINE / ton of feed.

Presentation: 1 kg & 25 kg
Effective protection against heat stroke
ORBIT-C meets higher physiological requirement of vitamin C in various conditions specially during summer and other stressful conditions and first two weeks of life in chicks. In particular, high ambient temperatures depressed feed intake, weight gain and increased mortality rates among broilers. A possible approach to counteracting the negative effects of heat stress among chickens could be the supplementation of birds with Vitamin C. ORBIT-C plays a major role in the biosynthesis of corticosterone, a primary glucocorticoid hormone involved in gluconeogenesis to enhance energy supply during stress. However, under critically high ambient temperatures, the production of Vitamin C in broilers is inadequate for optimum performance. Orbit Biosciences researchers have seen beneficial effects of ORBIT-C supplements given either in diets or in drinking water. Supplements enhanced performance of broiler chickens with experimentally induced hypothyroidism, reduced stress related response and improved disease resistance of the birds.

  • To optimize and maintain immune-competence
  • To maintain fertility and hatchability at optimum levels in breeders
  • Overcomes from heat stroke
  • Improves FCR
  • To optimize bioavailability of dietary calcium and other minerals

Dosage and Usage:

Chicks: 10-20 ml/ 100 birds/ day
Layers/Broilers: 20-40 ml/ 100 birds/ day
Breeders: 50 ml/100 birds/ day
Powder: 100gm/ton of feed

Liquid: 500 ml and 1000 ml
Powder: 1kg and 25kg
ORBIT-E Herbal
For the protection against encephalomalacia Exudative diathesis and Muscular dystrophy
Egg production, egg fertility and hatchability are among the most important economic traits for chicken breeder farms. Vitamin E is primarily known as an antioxidant in reducing cellular free radical damage. In addition, ORBIT-E HERBAL affects the development and maintenance of immunocompetence through multiple functions by acting directly on the immune cell or by indirectly altering metabolic and endocrine parameters, which in turn influence immune function. ORBIT-E supplementation in bird has been shown to increase production of interleukin (IL)-2, leading to enhanced proliferation of T-cells, and reduce production of prostaglandin E, a T-cell suppressive factor, as a result of a decreased peroxynitrite formation.

  • Orbit-E ensures better functioning and bio-activity in the physiological system than synthetic Vitamin E.
  • The bio-availability of natural vitamin E present in ORBIT-E is three times higher than synthetic Vitamin E.
  • The natural vitamin E present in ORBIT-E remains in the body for a longer period and hence ensures better and sustained physiological actions.
  • Specialized processing of constituent herbs in ORBIT-E ensures high stability of its natural vitamin E during pelletisation.

Dosage and Usage:
Chicks/Broliers : 02-05 ml/ 100 birds/ day
Layers/Breeders : 10 ml/ 100 birds/ day

Powder : 100 gm/ Ton of feed

Presentation: 500 ml, 1000 ml, 1 kg and 25kg
Broad-spectrum virocidal

Changing weather is a time of the year when viruses thrive on almost everything and anything. It is around this period when one experiences problems like cold, cough, fever, constant irritation, etc. One thing that should be kept in mind during this period is that viruses are not really same as bacteria. They are different and it is the very reason that anti-biotics have no impact on them, whatsoever. Viro-Go, contains herbal extracts, which do have a positive impact on these viruses and help in cardiovascular, digestive and anti-inflammatory support.

  • Cold pungent diaphoresis
  • Heat-clearing and detoxifying
  • Antisepsis and anti-inflammation
  • Enhancing Immunity



Poultry: 0.5kg / ton of feed for 3-5 days continuosly
Pigs: 0.75kg / ton of feed for 3-5 days continuosly

Poultry: 1-1.5 kg/ton of feed for 3-5 days continuosly
Pigs: 1-1.5 kg/ton of feed for 3-5 days continuosly


Poultry: 1ml / litre for 3-5 days continuosly
Pigs: 2ml / litre of drinking water for 3-5 days continuosly (7.5ml for a pig / day)

Poultry: 2ml / litre for 3-5 days continuosly
Pigs: 4ml / litre of drinking water for 3-5 days continuosly (15ml for a pig / day)

1ltr & 1kg

Innate Immunity Booster

Under normal physiological conditions most nutrients in feed are directed towards growth. The immune system is only moderately active and therefore requires little energy and nutrients. IMMUON is having lmmunomodulator and immunity triggered herbs therefore important to control the immune response. IMMUON having Anti-inflammatory molecules which help to overcome stress. Anti-inflammatory molecules act by inhibiting the overproduction of pro-inflammatory cytokines, thereby shifting the major supply of nutrients from the immune system to growth.

  • Enhances immune response
  • Maintaining egg production, egg quality and hatchability
  • Maintaining specific and non-specific immune response
  • May reduce or eliminate the use of antibiotics
  • Increases digestive capabilities
  • Decreases stress

Liquid : (Per day per 100 birds)
Chicks: 5ml
Growers: 7.5ml
Layers/Broiler finisher: 10ml

Administer by mixing in morning drinking water
Commercial Flock: 500 gm/ton of feed
Breeder flock: 1 kg/ton of feed
Ensure thorough mixing in feed
Recommended for use during pelletization

Available in 1 ltr and 5 ltr HDPE container & 1 Kg & 25 kg bag

For better gut health

Antibiotics have been used since long as growth promoters for pig and poultry.
Currently, there is controversy surrounding the use of antibiotic growth promoters for animals destined for meat production, as overuse of any antibiotic over a period of time may lead to adverse and unwanted results such as undesired residue in animal products viz. meat, milk or eggs, residua in tissues, long withdrawal period and development of resistance in microorganisms, allergies, genotoxicity and harmful effects on human health by development of microbial resistance to specific products. On the other hand,
BIOCOX 4 containing plant extracts, essential oils or main components of the essential oil blended with probiotics Saccharomyces cerevisiae is the alternative growth promoter which is herbal remedies for indigenous poultry health management.

• Improves the growth
• Improves the feed utilization
• Stimulates the immnue system and increased vitality
• Regulate the intestinal micro-flora
• Reduced morbidity and mortality due to various diseases
• Reduces toxin load
• Supports organs responsible for detox
• Reduces inflammation

500 gm to 1 Kg per ton of feed
Liquid: 1-2ml per Ltr

1ltr, 1 kg & 25 kg HDPE bag

(New Generation Toxin binder with Growth Promoter)

OMNITOX contains active ingredients in the form of acids, yeast extract, micro and macro nutrients along with MOS. Acids present in the OMNITOX acidifies the gut, thus maintain their integrity and health by inhibiting mold and controlling harmful bacterial population. Live yeast replaces harmful bacteria by competitive inhibition, thus works best after and during antibiotic treatment. Micro and macro nutrients presents in the OMNITOX improve and maintain FCR thus works as performance enhancer. MOS (Mannan oligosaccharides) is a potent prebiotic, wide spectrum mycotoxin and bacterial toxin binder.

Dosage and Usage:
Prophylaxis: 0.5 ml per ltter of drinking water, continuously for 3-5 days every month. Curative: 1 ml/ltter of drinking water, continuously for 5-7 days.
500gms - 1 Kg per ton of feed
Competitive Exclusion Method:
1-1.5 ml per liter of drinking water, continuously for 5-7 days post antibiotic treatment.

Presentation: 1ltr, 5ltr, 25Kg

Perfect therapy for kidney stones
NEPHROBIT promotes the excretion of uric acid by flushing out urate crystals. As a diuretic, it removes excess fluid and mineral salts. It disintegrates urate crystals by breaking the mucin bonds and preventing the formation of urinary calculi (kidney stones). It works on the urinary tract and helps to reduce the filtration pressure on kidneys. It has nephroprotective properties. NEPHROBIT helps to correct metabolism and thus reduce the formation of waste products produced in the body. NEPHROBIT has a dissolving effect on kidney stones which slowly get eliminated from the body and does not allow the body's tendency to form Stones in future.

  • It disintegrates urate crystals
  • Reduces the filtration pressure on kidneys
  • Overcomes from stress
  • Improves FCR
  • Stops the formation of stones in future
  • No side effects

Dosage and usage:
Age: 0-2 weeks
Preventive: 04 ml
Curative: 08 ml

Age: 3-4 weeks
Preventive: 08 ml
Curative: 08 ml

Age: 4-onwards
Preventive: 14 ml
Curative: 14 ml

Age: 0-8 weeks
Preventive: 04 ml
Curative: 08 ml

Age: 9-20 weeks
Preventive: 08 ml
Curative: 16 ml

Age: 21-72 onwards
Preventive: 14 ml
Curative: 28 ml
Note: In severe cases, the dose can be doubled. Please consult a veterinarian for the dosage that best suits your animal's condition.

Presentation: 1000 ml
Effective remedy against respirative disorders
Respiratory distress is a virus borne infectious disease, which spreads very fast from one bird to another. Commonly known as Ranikhet disease (Newcastle disease), it is widespread all over world including India. The symptoms include watery discharge from nostrils, gasping, trembling, facial swelling, and sometimes twisting of the neck. Depending upon the severity of infection, mortality ranges between 10 to 80 per cent. Under the effect of the infection, adult laying birds decrease their feed and water consumption with considerable drop in egg production as well. This disease thus also poses a severe economic challenge for broiler and layer poultry industry. RESPO-FEED is most effective remedy against respiratory problems.

  • Expectorant, Mucolytic, Anti-Microbial, Anti Allergic, Decongestant and Brochodilator
  • It soothes and keeps the respiratory system clean and ensures normal breathing.
  • Improves immunity
  • Improves FCR
  • Overcomes from stress

Dosage and Usage:
For Palliative purpose (500 gm per ton of feed)
Broilers :From day 1 till marketing
Layers:For 15 days every month
For Curative purpose (1 to 2 kg per ton of feed)
To be given for 1·2 weeks or as Veterinarian recommendation.
The same dosage is recommended for breeders.
Liquid: 1ml per 10ltr

Presentation: 1ltr, 25 kg polyester bag.
Herbal Liver Tonic & Stimulant

Liver disorders are manifested through various digestive and systemic malfunctions and immediate medical attention is warranted, failing to which prognosis may be grave. Livon helps to keep liver healthy which is is essential for various bio- functions necessary to maintain homeostasis.


  • Selective medicinal herbs help liver parenchyma to restore hepatic and billiary functions
  • Improves flow of bile, thus help in fat digestion and assimilation
  • Helps in indigestion and anorexia
  • Maintain ruminal pH and promote growth of symbiotic gut population of bacteria
Powder: 500gm/ton of feed
Liquid: 10-20ml/100 birds per day

1 litre and 5 litre HDPE bottle/ 25Kg HDPE bag
Enzymes with Probiotics
The impact of biotechnology in poultry nutrition is of significant importance. Biotechnology plays a vital role in the poultry feed industry. Orbit Biosciences is continually putting its efforts into producing better and more economical feed. Good feed alone does not serve the purpose but its better utilization is also essential. Dietary changes as well as lack of a healthy diet can influence the balance of the microflora in the gut thus predisposing to digestion upsets.
In broiler nutrition, ORBIT-PROBIOTIC has a beneficial effect on broiler performance, modulation of intestinal microflora and pathogen inhibition, intestinal histological changes, certain haemato-biochemical parameters, improving sensory characteristics of dressed broiler meat, immunomodulation and promoting microbiological meat quality of broilers.

  • Promotes growth rate
  • Increases feed conversion efficiency
  • It is the prevention of intestinal infections, led to an imbalance of the beneficial intestinal flora and the appearance of resistant bacteria
  • It has potential to reduce enteric disease in poultry and subsequent contamination of poultry products

Dosage: 100 gm per ton of feed.

Presentation: 1 kg & 25 kg
with Electrolytes
It is an ideal combination of three powerful factors to combat heat stress problems and replace lost nutrients in poultry. Electrolytes present in it replace lost electrolytes due to flushing. Vitamin C boost immunity and helps in maintain integrity of blood vessels. Dextrose present in Electro Cool is the source of energy. Lactobacillus helps in establishing beneficial intestinal micro flora.

  • Reduces the infection of Salmonella spp., Escherichia Coli
  • Helps in overcome from Coccidiosis, Nephritis, Nephrosis, Perosis, Diarrhoea, Dysentry and Blood dyscrasias due to toxins
  • Helps to avoid dehydration and heat stroke
  • Improves immunity and relieves various stress conditions
  • Improves FCR and weight gain in broilers.

Dosage: POULTRY: 1 gm/1 liter in drinking water for 5-7 days.

Presentation: 1kg and 25kg

Vitamin complex tonic with selenium
ORBI-TONE is an ages proven formulation as stress reliever during all kinds of stress. It reduces stress due to vaccination, deworming, transportation, debeaking, etc. and improves growth, production, fertility and hatchability.

  • Reduces stress due to vaccination, deworming, transportation debeaking, etc.
  • Improves growth, production, fertility and hatchability
  • Enhances immune response
  • Improves laying performance reduced due to intense heat, illness, cold or cage-fatigue
  • Corrects Calcium and Phosphorous metabolism
  • Improves bone and egg shell quality

Dosage and Usage:
Chicks: 02-03 ml/ 100 birds
Broilers: 04-06 ml/ 100 birds
Layers/Growers: 06-10 ml/ 100 birds

Presentation:500 ml and 1000 ml.
Performace Enhancer
Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin that is naturally present in some foods, added to others, and available as a dietary supplement and a prescription medication. B-VITA 12 contains Vitamin B12 and mineral cobalt is active in poultry metabolism. It helps to maintain healthy nerve cells and red blood cells and is also needed to make DNA, the genetic material in all cells. Vitamin B12 is bound to the protein in food. Hydrochloric acid in the stomach releases B12 from protein during digestion. Once released, B12 combines with a substance called intrinsic factor (IF) before it is absorbed into the bloodstream.

  • Improves egg production & egg quality in layers.
  • Increases growth & body weights in broilers.
  • Improves the total performance of the breeders including hatchability and Fertility.
  • Corrects metabolic disorders &improves health and performance.
  • Serves the body by helping to maintain sheaths that surround and protect nerve fibers
  • Enhances natural immunity
  • Improve FCR and feed efficiency
  • Boosts the fertility and hatchability in breeders

Layers : 100 gm / ton of feed.
Broilers: 150 gm / ton of feed.
Breeders: 200 gm / ton of feed or as advised by a Poultry consultant.

1kg and 25 kg
Vitamin A supplement for your chicken health
VITAFORT-A is necessary for support of growth, health and life of all major animal species. In the absence of vitamin A, animals cease to grow and eventually die. VITAFORT-A contains Vitamin A and its derivatives, the retinoids, have a profound influence on organ development, cell proliferation, and cell differentiation and their deficiency originates or predisposes a number of disabilities. During embryogenesis, VITAFORT-A has been shown to influence processes governing the patterning of neural tissue and cranio-facial, eye and olfactory system development; VITAFORT-A continues to influence the development, regeneration, and well-being of neurons. VITAFORT-A also regulates the differentiation of epithelial, connective and hematopoietic tissues.

  • Powerful Immunomodulator
  • Provides effective immunity against Newcastle disease
  • Protection against Lymphopenia
  • Protection against recurring infections
  • Effective Antioxidant
Dosage and Usage:
Per 100 birds
Chicks/ Broilers: 2-5 ml
Layers/ Breeders: 10 ml
To be given at least for 7 days in a month in drinking water
Or As directed by the Veterinarian.

Presentation: 500 ml & 1ltr
Concentrated solution of vitamin B Complex solution
MULTIPLEX-B removes the amino acid homocysteine from the blood of birds. High levels of homocysteine are associated with an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Helps bird's body converts food into energy. Bird brain depends on vitamin B-1 to metabolize glucose, and bird's nerves need it to function properly. Bird's body needs vitamin B-12 to make neurotransmitters, hemoglobin and DNA. It also lowers bird's levels of homocysteine, but in a different way than vitamin B-6. Vitamin B-12 helps convert homocysteine into S-adenosylmethionine, or SAMe, which is essential for the synthesis of hemoglobin and vitamins.

  • MULTIPLEX-B prevents anaemia, anorexia and embryonic mortality
  • It restores normal metabolic functions and improves feed consumption in off feed conditions
  • It contains high quality of choline chloride, an essential structural component of tissues and helps in normal functioning of liver
  • It ensures normal growth, egg production & hatchability by correcting riboflavin deficiency
Dosage and Usage:
Poultry: 04-05 ml/ 1 00 birds Administer in drinking water in every first week of the month especially during the period of stress diseases out break and convalesces.
Cow/Buffalo/Horse/Camel:10 ml/ day
Calves/Sheep/Goat:05 ml/ day

Presentation: 500 ml & 1ltr
Poultry Feed Supplement
Vitamin D is crucial for normal bone formation. A deficiency, when prolonged and severe, can lead to osteomalacia and rickets in poultry. Less severe vitamin D deficiency (vitamin D insufficiency) can result in postmenopausal osteoporosis and may also increase the risk of initiation and progression of prostate cancer. Vitamin D insufficiency is a common problem during the winter in world wide. Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) content of eggs can be further increased by supplementing hen feed with CALVIT-D. Provision of additional CALVIT-D is more effective for the fortification of eggs, because dietary supplementation of CALVIT-D increases egg yolk vitamin D content more effectively.


  • Protects from rickets development.
  • Optimizes calcium-phosphorus metabolism
  • Results in stronger bones and harder egg shells.
  • Higher body weight gain and better FCR.
  • Reduces cost of feeding.
  • Increases productivity and profitability per bird.
Dosage: Add 10-15 g of CALVIT-D per ton of feed. Liquid: 30ml per 1000ltr water

Storage: Store at dark and dry room having temperature 15-25oC.

Presentation: 1ltr, 5ltr, 1Kg, 25Kg Poly pack.
Vitamin E with Selenium
Selenium (Se) is involved in membrane integrity and numerous selenoproteins, and is required by poultry for the maintenance of optimal health and meat quality. It is well understood that selenium has a strong interaction with vitamin E in the protection of cells from free radical damage and improvement of bird health and immune status, and both vitamin E and Se are antioxidants essential for cell survival in environments containing peroxides. Feeding vitamin E to animals improves the quality of meat products by preventing lipid oxidation and minimizes drip-loss in meat during storage. More importantly, vitamin E supplementation enhances the ability of the immune system by prolonging the functional life of phagocytes preventing excess hydrogen peroxide activity.

  • Enhances the functional capacity of the cell and acts more actively
  • Improves both humeral and cell mediated immunity
  • Birds become more active with better stamina to yield better performance
  • Relieves from stress and inactiveness
  • Improves hatchability fertility etc in breeders
  • Immunization of chickens against Coccidiosis
  • Reduced mortality and increased body weight gain

Dosage: Both feed grade and water soluble powders available.
Feed Grade:
Layers & Broilers : 75 gm per ton of feed 5-7 days in a month
Breeders: 100 gm per ton of feed 5-7 days in a month.
Water soluble: 1 gm/lt 5-7 days or as advised by Poultry consultant.
Liquid: 1ml/ltr

Presentation: 1ltr, 1 kg & 25 kg

Promotes animal feed intake, daily gain and improve animal production performance

Phytase is used in 60% of swine and 80% of poultry diets, Global feed enzyme maiket values 725 milliOn USS, Growlb trend of roughly 5-7% year-on-year ORSI PHYTASE -5000 is composed of 5000 lJ/ gram of enzyme Phytase on a free flowing earner, converted in to micro-granules for uniform distnbution in feed. The beneficial effect of ORSI PHYTASE -5000 in poultry ration has been supposed to be due to the direct hydrolytic effects on phytase and the subsequent improvement in the availability of minerals, amino acids, and energy. It has also been suggested that ORSI PHYTASE -5000 in poultry diets improves gut health as indicated by reduced secretions from the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) which consequently improves the efficiency of utilization of energy.


  • Replaces part of the inorganic phosphorous in feed and save feed cost
  • Improves the feed utilization rate
  • Releases phytate-bounded nutrition such as mineral elements, protein and etc
  • Promotes animal feed intake, daily gain and improve animal production performance.
  • Reduces the phosphorous discharge in the animal waste and lower environment pollution
  • Improves gut health
  • Calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and copper are better retained in layers when feed supplemented with Phytase -5000

Dosage: Broilers: 100 gm/ton of feed. Breeders/Layers: 60gm/ton of feed.

Presentation: 1kg & 25 Kg

Perfect liver tonic & stimulant
Liver is a vital organ involved in metabolism, storage, secretion, detoxification and protection. Being the central organ of metabolism, liver is always subjected to damages of various kinds. Liver stimulants and protectants are usually supplemented to support liver in detoxification and to improve the structural and functional integrity of liver cells. 0-Liv contains all the essential nutrients formulated to protect, maintain and stimulate liver to perform various functions and to optimize production.

  • It reduces the probability of fatty liver syndrome
  • Re-generates the damaged liver after the recovery process.
  • Improves egg production and body weight.
  • Improve FCR and feed efficiency
  • Boosts the fertility and hatchability in breeders
  • Ensures quick recovery after anti-biotic therapy.
  • It helps in rapid regeneration of liver tissues and cells
  • To improve growth and livability in livestock and poultry
Poultry: for 100 birds per day /5-7 days.
Chicks: 5 ml, Growers: 10 ml, Layers: 20 ml
Broilers: 20 ml, Breeders: 30 ml
Routine use: 500 gm/ton of feed
Treatment use : 1kg/ton of feed 7-10 days.

Liquid: 500 ml, 1ltr, 5ltr in HDPE Jar
Powder: 1kg, 25 kg Poly pack.

GUTACID is having acids included in feeds in order to lower the pH of the feed, gut, and microbial cytoplasm thereby inhibiting the growth of pathogenic intestinal microflora. This inhibition reduces the microft ora competing for the host nutrients and resutts in better growth and performance of the chicken. It also acts as mold inhibitors. GUTACID exerts its antimicrobial action both in the feed and in the GI-tract of the animal. The antibacterial effect of dietary GUTACID in chickens is believed to occur in the upper part of the digestive tract (crop and gizzard). GUTACID may provide a signi cant tool for the poultry industry in combating the occurrence of intestinal diseases and in reduction of food borne pathogens.


  • Acidify the gut
  • Decrease the probability of diarrhoea
  • Improves digestion & absorption
  • Enhances the bird perfonmance
  • Improves efficacy of enzymes by enhancing release and utilization of nutrients from feed
  • Acidification increases the hydrolysis of feed proteins and stimulates absorption of vegetable proteins
  • Reduce microbial counts. results inthinning of intestinal wall and Increased size of villi, helps better absorption and utilization of nutrients
  • Reduce the growth of most pathogenic bacteria in poultry like Salmonella spp., Escherichia coli, Ctostridium perfringens, Listeria spp., Compylobacter jejuni


Powder: 1 to 1.5 kg/ton of feed depending on microbial level, type of feed & moisture content of feed.
Poultry: 0.2 ml/Ltr
Pig: 0.3 ml/Ltr or suggested by veterinarian (usage depends on water pH)

Presentation: 1ltr, 5ltr & 25kg

Trace Minerals Concentrate
Minmix role in immune function and related physiological roles have been studied. Supplemental trace minerals play a significant role in eggshell formation as co-factors and/or structural components of enzyme systems such as carbonic anhydrase which are inherently involved in eggshell formation. It shows significant positive effects on carbonic anhydrase activity levels in the shell gland of laying hens and a correlated improvement in percent dry shell of eggs laid. Percent cracked eggs during processing, is also reduced by supplementation of Minmix to the layer diets.

  • Tones up bird metabolism, improves digestion and FCR
  • Build resistance against day to day general infections
  • Enhances bird performance
  • Improve body weight & egg production
  • Enhances activity of digestive enzymes
  • Provides co factor for many anabolic and catabolic reactions

Layers: 1 kg/ ton of feed. Breeders: 2 kg / ton of feed.
Note: In acute condition increase the dose to double.

Presentation: 25 kg
Multi-enzymes feed supplement
Many cereals have a proportion of their energy in the form of non starch polysaccharides, more commonly known as fiber. Enzymes are to break down these polysaccharides, which lead in increase of metabolizable energy and protein utilization. Zyme-1 0 is a very unique blend of enzymes produced by Orbit Biosciences which takes care of various problems in chickens like, the effect caused due to the presence of non starch poly-saccharides, galactosides, and other anti-nutritional factors present in the feed stuff.

  • Feed value is increased with even less cost or less nutritive
    value ingredients.
  • Better FCR and optimum feed consumption
  • Provides extra energy
  • Birds become very healthy and active
  • Ammonia formation in the gut is minimized
  • Increases internal secretion of water, proteins, electrolytes
    and lipids
  • Decreases gut viscosity thereby increasing digestion of feed
  • Enhances absorption power of digested food
  • Increase in weight gain of broilers, number of eggs in layers

Dosage: Poultry Feed: 500 gms/ton of feed continously (or) as advised by a poultry consultant.

Presentation: 1 kg & 25 kg
Antibiotic nutrition solution
ORBIT-LEVO-BH has been shown to increase the proportion of serous bronchial secretion. ORBIT-LEVO-BH enhances mucus transport by reducing mucus viscosity and by activating the ciliated epithelium (mucociliary clearance). In clinical studies ORBIT-LEVO-BH showed a secretolytic and secretomotor effect in the bronchial tract area, which facilitates expectoration and eases cough.

  • Controls severe respiratory infection
  • Reduce the infection of Mycoplasmaosis, Clostridium spp.,
    Staphylococcus spp.
    and Streptococcus spp.
  • ORBIT-LEVO-BH is a synthetic broad-spectrum antibacterial agent for oral and intravenous administration
  • It supports the body's own natural mechanisms for clearing mucus from the respiratory tract
  • It has antioxidant properties along with gut health
  • No plasmid mediated resistance
  • Destroys the proliferating organisms as well as pathogens

Dosage: Orally through drinking water. Preventive use 1 ml/4litre- 3 days.

Liquid: 1 ltr & 5 ltrs
for Oral Administration
COLMOX shows a strong bactericidal activity against Gram-negative bacteria. It is not absorbed from the intestine thus having good results in the treatment of gastrointestinal infection with Gram-negative bacteria without producing residues in the various tissues of the target animals. It showed good capacity in reducing Salmonella infections from the body and the carcasses. COLMOX to broiler feed decrease the contamination of flocks and carcasses with S.enteritidis, promotes the growth rate and improves the feed conversion rate.

  • Reduce the probability of gastrointestinal, respiratory and urinary tract infections caused by micro- organisms like Campylobacter spp., Clostridium spp., Corynebacterium spp., Escerichia coli, Erysipelothrix sp., Haemophilus spp., staphylococcus spp. and Streptococcus spp.
  • For better growth
  • Improves immunity
  • Relieves from stress and inactiveness
  • Improves hatchability fertility etc in breeders
  • Immunization of chickens against Coccidiosis
For oral administration
Poultry: 1 kg per 1000- 2000 liter drinking water for 3-5 days.


Store at dark and dry room having temperature 15° -25°C.

1kg & 25kg
for prevention of CRD
TIAMO-FS is extremely active against gram-positive bacteria such as streptococci spp., staphylococci spp. and mycoplasma spp .. The most interesting biological activity of TIAMO-FS however, is its significant effectiveness against mycoplasma spp. of considerable veterinary importance, causing infections of the respiratory and urogenital tracts, mammary glands, joints or eyes of various poultry and livestock species. In veterinary feed supplement TIAMO-FS is used to control poultry dysentery, poultry pneumonia and other mycoplasmal diseases in pigs and poultry.


  • Prevents Chronic respiratory diseases.
  • Improves FCR and weight gain in broilers.
  • Increases Egg production in layers.
  • Improves fertility, hatchability in breeders.
  • Better quality chicks can be produced from breeders.
Broilers: 300 gm / ton of feed from day one to 30 days.
Layers & Breeders: 500 gm/ ton of feed, 7 days in a month continuously or especially during laying period.
For Pig or Cow, Buflalo, Goat, Horse and Camel: 1 kg/ ton of feed

Presentation: 1 kg & 25 kg

This product contains Toltazuril blended with herbs, adsorbent and salts, which is an anticoccidial with activity against Eimeria spp. Eimeria acervulina, brunetti, maxima, mitis, necatrix and tenella in chickens. For the treatment and control of coccidiosis, Toltrazuril is effective against all intestinal stages of susceptible coccidia. To assist in the development of natural immunity to coccidiosis in breeder and layer replacer stock exposed to continuous challenge of virulent strains of coccidian. Both berberine and palmatine are active ingredients in Berberis and have anti bacterial properties and Hydrasis canadensis helps to reduce adhesive E.coli while it stimulates the immune system. Another component of Berberis is berbamine. Berberine and berbamine are alkaloids and strong antibacterial which are believed to increase the production of white blood cells and platelets. Salts present in this product regulate the water deficiency in the animals.


  • For Coccidiosis of all stages like schizogony and gametogony stages of Eimeria spp. in poultry

1.4 ml/Ltr of drinking water, based on a water consumption of 1 litre per 5 kg bodyweight.
This Cocci-off should be administered either continuously over 48 hours, or for one 8 hour period per day for 2 consecutive days.
Withdrawal period:
Meat: 16 days.
Eggs: Not authorized for use in laying birds producing eggs for human Consumption.

1ltr & 5ltr

Clear solution
Orbit-Cal provides mineral nutrients essential to fertility, reproduction, egg shell quality, bone formation, good functioning of the nervous systems, fat and carbohydrate metabolism, mobilization of energy, growth and resistance. Minerals and trace- elements play major roles in all metabolic function.

  • To meet higher demands of calcium during lactation & gestation
  • For increasing milk production in animals
  • To overcome the deficiency of calcium and phosphorus

Dosage and Usage:
Chicks: 1 0-20 ml/100 birds/ day
Layers/Broilers: 25-50 ml/100 birds/ day
Dogs: 10-25 ml/ day
Cattle: 100 ml/ day

Presentation:1ltr, 5 ltrs and 30ltrs