Research & Development

We aim to develop novel health care products by leveraging our exceptional scientific talent pool and developmental capabilities.

Orbit Biosciences's discovery-led R&D focuses on the entire animal health care products - from process development to non-clinical and clinical research. The depth and breadth of our technological and scientific expertise enables us to develop new and affordable therapeutics for the world's most debilitating diseases. R&D's ability to leverage frontier science, to develop solutions for continuing to advance Orbit Biosciences's reputation as an emerging global animal health segment focusing on delivering affordable innovation.
Our R&D team can boast of outstanding scientists from the best institutes around the world. The high quality scientific talent pool is engaged in continuous interaction with international thought leaders and participation in technical programs to enable knowledge creation, and the positioning of Orbit Biosciences's R&D for challenging health care products development. To navigate the challenges of innovation we have adopted a well-defined strategic framework that will transform scientific discoveries into advances in animal healthcare.

Our R&D initiative is influenced by a four-dimensional innovation matrix ranging from known developments to unknown ideas. Creativity in the known realm builds on existing knowledge leading to two types of innovation (incremental and evolutionary). Creativity that pushes unknown boundaries and creates new knowledge is experimental and breakthrough in its impact to animal existence.

Quality Assurance

Orbit Biosciences manufacture biotechnology research based products for animal nutrition. At Orbit Biosciences quality is not a sporadic affair but sustained effort. Orbit Biosciences strives to continuously upgrade the quality of its processes and product by way of a clean environment, unstained filtration and fermentation practices, standard operation procedures and putting the purity profile of its products through a battery of stringent quality checks at every phase of production in order to conform to WHO standards.